Unlock Your BEST Lived Life

You want to feel clear, confident and focused on what matters most.  You want to feel alignment between what you do and who you are.  
You’re ready to feel excited about your day, take pleasure in the moments and live life on your own terms.  

I’ll show you how. 

Work With Me

My clients are women who are too nice and have put everyone else before themselves. There is a misalignment between what they do and who they are. They’ve been waiting for their turn to claim what they want and they’re holding themselves back. 

I work with them to get clear about what they want and what it will take to get there. They uncover the root of what keeps them stuck and take radical responsibility for their life. We do it all without goals. 

And they take big action. I coach them through every step and offer personalized support as they gain courage and confidence. We get focused on what matters most – putting their dreams in motion. 

Who I Work With

My clients are creative ambitious women who feel drawn to do more and be more.  They’re stuck in patterns of thinking that no longer work and they’re afraid time is running out on having the life they want. I help them overcome their fears, take leadership over their life, and make their big, bold dreams a reality.   

What We Do Together

I’ll teach you the exact tools you need to help you get clear on exactly what you want, uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward, and trust yourself so you can confidently take steps forward and live life by design. 

You will…

  • Have a powerful system to help you confidently commit to moving toward what you really want while keeping your priorities organized and staying focused and flexible 
  • Be crystal clear about your non-negotiable vision and values and why they’re important to you, as well as how to manage expectations (yours and others) 
  • Spot unproductive thinking patterns with ease and know what to do about themso that you avoid spiralling into self-doubt and wasting time
  • Uncover the value of your emotions and your bodyso that you can avoid or greatly reduce over-reacting or ending up in people-pleasing 
  • Take action with confidence; instead of feeling behind, scattered, anxious when things change you’ll feel aligned and balanced so that you can make empowered decisions and feel like the leader you truly are

Current Packages

Uncover Your Blocks

If you’re struggling to understand what keeps getting in your way of moving forward and making progress, this program gives you the foundation you need. By the end of this mini-program, you will have a clear plan on how to close the gap between what you say you want and what you’re actually doing. I will help you get laser-focused on your most powerful key priority. You will also have a framework to clear the blocks that are preventing you from taking action on your vision. 

Dream Builders

You’re fed up with putting yourself and what you want on the back burner you’re ready to get out of your own way and shine. In this 6-month program, you’ll get everything you need to feel clear, confident about what you have to bring to the world. You will be breaking through blocks, taking action and creating momentum. I will help you stay focused and build personal accountability that will keep working as you pursue your dreams. 

In Motion

For the entrepreneur that is looking for one system that connects her notebook, calendar, project planner and to-do list and keeps things from falling through the cracks. Through this 4-week program, you’ll get comfortable with Notion and effectively organize your life and your business.  I will also help you customize and beautify your Notion home. You’ll have your thumb on the big picture and the moving parts so you can build and grow your business with ease.