Gardening, a metaphor for life

Here it is! My first post. 

I’ve been putting this off for weeks.  Actually, it’s been months. Well, if I’m really honest, for years. 

I started a blog more than five years ago and I kept at it and kept at it for about a month or two until I stopped. I cut myself slack on this failure because I really wasn’t ready. It was as if I had this beautiful new package of seeds and I got excited and started planting them… in the snow.


The ground simply wasn’t ready. 

I suppose I knew that I’d arrive back here, because I put my package of seeds in the drawer and went on with living. Every once in a while the brightly-colored package would catch my eye, more often I simply forgot they were there. Until one day I looked out my window and saw that all this living had created this fertile patch of land with rich black soil and the sun was shining.  


Now it feels like time to plant my seeds. Bringing the package out of the drawer certainly reminds me of the last time I put fingers to keyboard, added text to images, uploaded, edited, published and shared.  And it’s Oh.So.Easy. to worry that these seeds too won’t spout because I have proof, I have evidence to suggest this will be the case.  

Instead I have to keep directing my attention to the fact that this is not soil in which I planted my last seeds. This is a new garden. I choose to believe that I’ve gained new skills to tend to my garden. I wonder if all the things I’ve been doing has been preparing me so that on this perfect spring day I can open the flap of the package and pour these letters onto the page with such love, care and heartfelt belief that they will take root. 



Because this garden is planted with the seeds of my thoughts and ideas I’m incredibly aware of my weeds and my pests. I have no doubt that those who visit my garden will come across my humanness, my flaws, dare I admit…. My wrongness.

Perhaps you will cross the path of a noxious weed or slug or some other unfavourable creature.  Know that these might be areas I just haven’t got to yet or haven’t learned about how unhelpful or dangerous they can be to the rest of the garden. Feel free to kindly point out these pests keeping in mind they are one organism among an entire ecosystem. Please be thoughtful about your judgement of the garden based on a pest or two. 



Like any avid gardener I LOVE hearing and talking about gardens, and the best tools and techniques for cultivating the most beautiful flowers.

More importantly for me – everything comes back to the soil – my passion lies in what’s under the surface. You can find tips, hacks, and strategies on every street corner, and in some cases they are valuable. 

It’s the rare nerd that spends the day in the mud digging at the roots *raises hand proudly.* I’ve been building this skill my whole life. I mean, we all have things we’re good at, mine is depth 🙂


I’m here to write about life, to inspire, support and guide on the path toward living a beautiful, fulfilling and wholehearted life. If you’ve got this far and believed it really was about gardening it means I took the analogy TOO far.  LOL 😀

I’m delighted to be here sharing what I notice, what I know, the questions I have, and so much more. I know you won’t want to miss it.  So go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter (click here) where I’ll bring my best direct to your inbox.  

I invite you to walk the garden path with me in enjoyment, in frustration, in loss, and in triumph. I will honour your season and sit in your garden if you will, in turn, invite me in. We can walk together understanding that we’re both growing our own best gardens.