Uncover Your Blocks

You’re ready to step into the life you want.

You know you want something different, something more for yourself, and haven’t been able to make a change. There is a lot of pressure and it feels like no matter what you do
you’re letting someone down, especially yourself.

Things that have worked before are no longer working and you can’t keep doing what you’re doing; it’s overwhelming and unsustainable. It’s exhausting and you’re afraid that if you can’t find a way through that maybe life won’t ever get any better. 

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You’re smart and have overcome lots of challenges before- and now you’re frustrated by your inability to move forward. Deep down you know you’re capable, but because you’ve been stuck now you’re doubting yourself more and feeling insecure. 

There is a gap between what you say you want and what you’re actually doing. No matter how sincere your desire to narrow the gap you fall back into old patterns. You realize that it’s you that is getting in your way, sabotaging yourself, and not reaching your potential.

When you see clearly that you don’t need more self control to overcome what’s holding you back,
then the path opens up and you are free to make meaningful lasting change.
You trust yourself and have created a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. 

Just imagine wake up feeling excited about your day
because you’re living life on your own terms.

ou wouldn’t have to second-guess or follow someone else’s prescription and
you could do. things. your. way. You would be more compassionate with yourself,  
take time to care for yourself and know deep down that you are enough.
This spills into your relationships and you show up present and patient with others. 

Because you have closed the gap you feel  free to engage in your life in a new empowered way.
This unshakeable confidence shines through you.
Each day starts with enthusiasm about the difference you’re making in the world.

As a result of this package
you will:


  • Get crystal clear about the one meaningful change that you want to move towards
  • Uncover the beliefs that have kept you stuck in a repeating pattern
  • Identify the first step on the path toward changing your beliefs and toward the person you want to become

What’s included:

Cracking Open the Problem

  • Understanding the gap and what keeps you from closing it is the first step toward confidently moving forward. I will give you step-by step directions to help you identify an optimal personal goal that excites you and materials to understand the critical resistance to your goal. You will be able to re-use this model over and over again to identify future sticking points.

Uncovering Your Blocks

  • In this 90-minute telephone coaching session I will help you clearly identify the blocks that are keeping you from your goals. We will draw from your head and your heart to define the kind of evolution that will take you forward. For homework, you will explore ways to overcome one block and reflect on new insights and learning. 

Paving the Path

  • One week later, we will meet again for a 30-minute telephone call and we will review your experiences and identify next steps to create momentum and motivation. Clients report feeling like possibilities have opened and they feel ready to take steps forward.

Let’s Get Started!

I know how important it is to feel clear, focused and confident as you take action toward the fulfilling life you want and I can help.

Here’s how we can get started together: 
Simply click below to provide payment of $89.
Once I receive your payment I will send your materials and instructions to schedule your sessions with me. 

Questions? Email hello@amandajane.ca


Uncover Your Blocks
  • I am very grateful to have the privilege to work with Amanda. I had been really struggling with fear and low self-esteem. She really helped me to become aware of thinking patterns I hadn’t allowed myself to see.
    She is very kind and I felt the safety to be completely honest with her. After working with her I feel a new freedom to be myself and take more risks.
    Caroline 2020
  • Before working with Amanda I knew that limiting beliefs were holding me back but I was struggling to move beyond them.

    Amanda guided me to fully explore what lay beneath, to finally connect the dots and have some real Aha moments.

     Working with Amanda was powerful, thought-provoking, and empowering. I gained the insight needed to move beyond what was holding me back.

    Profile Pic 2020