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A New Podcast

Redefining marketing with soulful entrepreneurs looking for a fresh, honest, and heart-centered approach. This is a gentle call to the introverts, intuitive, empaths and highly-sensitive to embrace a change in the way marketing can feel in your business. Get ready for a revolution. 

Launching Sept 29 2023!

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I’m Amanda Jane, your hostest
(with the mostest)!

I’m the Original Reluctant Marketer, and after hiding in my business for the first 4 years I’m now on a mission to help 1,000 women change their marketing into a force for healing. 

I’m a rebel, a change-maker, and a truth-teller. I’m debunking myths and opening up a dialogue about how NOT marketing may just be the way forward.  Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you on Sept 29th!


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