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Gain an unshakeable confidence, feel clear about what’s most important to you, 
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You feel empowered by who you are becoming and know that you are enough.
And, that feels like freedom!

Step into a meaningful life that is built from the inside out.

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You’re tired of the gap between what
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What Others Are Saying Testimonials

  • “Of most value was the way Amanda helped me through questioning to discover for myself the right path. I am happy to say that after working together I took a huge step forward.

    I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone who has a desire to do more, to be better but can not find their way.”

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  • Amanda’s innovative approach to the client and coach partnership is refreshing. Through skilled guided exploration, she helped me uncover and move through some self doubt and limiting beliefs.

    As a result, I was able to focus on my strengths, talents and passion. My confidence in myself and my ability and to achieve any goal has greatly improved.

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