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I'm Amanda Jane! Accidental entrepreneur and the original reluctant marketer.

After my first career in non-profit ended due to government cutbacks I fell in love with coaching as my calling. 

It wasn’t until many months later that I realized I’d accidentally signed up to be an entrepreneur… and that meant I had to do the dreaded marketing 🤮


I spent the first four years hiding from marketing. I’d spend months keeping myself busy behind-the-scenes of my business because I didn’t want to be a sleazy, salesy marketer. 

And I wasn’t alone. I came across many entrepreneurs who struggled to “put themselves out there.” Our little code for the M word. From my perspective, I could see the genius and care that these coaches and healers were keeping from the world and it broke my heart that both they continued to struggle in their business and people they could be serving continued to struggle too. 

One winter evening, I had a lightning bolt moment as I was driving into town. It was like the idea dropped onto my head and it said “You work with reluctant marketers”. I’ll admit there was some resistance and some imposter syndrome to overcome.  Quickly after, there came a softening and deep empathy because I knew why they felt so reluctant.  

The way we were told we had to market was incongruent with what was true in our hearts. 

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What I started building was a personal marketing revolution.  

New rules where I no longer play manipulative games or try to fit into boxes – because I’m star-shaped baby! No more permission-seeking or waiting for “the right time”. My marketing has transformed into a space where I bring all of me to my business shamelessly.  For me, that means my messy, wild and feral side that has favourite swear words alongside my gentle, encouraging and curious soulful self. Deep compassion and no bullshit and all that makes me uniquely shine. An eclectic collage!  

THIS is the kind of marketing that we’re missing. 

There is all this pressure and cultural narratives that tell us to make ourselves digestible and palatable and become someone else. That we need to contort ourselves and sacrifice what we know and feel in order to gain the keys to the entrepreneurial kingdom.  

My veil has been lifted and the king’s not wearing any clothes. 

Now I work with other reluctant marketers. NOT to rid themselves of their reluctance, no, no – that’s your deep care of others and your craft seeping through, we’re not getting rid of that. Instead, we focus on removing the pressure and the risk to sharing and connecting honestly. We flex our compassion, get clear on our intention, and shift into knowing, owning and telling our truth with conviction. And cultivate the number one skill on this noisy and crazy entrepreneurial journey – being courageous! 

If you think we might be a fit, here’s how we can work together

My Important Stuff

Mom of 2 amazing young men who inspire me.
Wife to 1 (not so young) man 🤣 who is my one true-love.
Born and raised in the mountains of BC and never left. 
Insatiably curious and love to play with ideas.
Favourite holiday is Halloween.
Beyond work you’ll find me outside, on an adventure, reading, writing or all of the above!
Aries. ENFP. Questionner. Enneagram 7. Sacral Generator 1/3. 

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