Hi! I'm Amanda Jane Mindset and Leadership Coach

As responsibilities increase and life gets more complex, “busy” is seen as a crown as opposed to a white flag.  If you’re overwhelmed, distracted and feel like you’ve lost your self amidst it all, you’re not alone. 

Whether you are facing big changes or simply know that you are made for more, you have found a partner who believes you can be bold, brave and belong to yourself.

I work with smart ambitious people who want to feel an unshakeable confidence as they redefine who they are becoming and how they show up in the world. 


Trained as a coach, and educated in psychology, sociology, and cultural change. I’m insatiably curious and constantly thinking about how we can develop the way we think, feel and act in our communities and lives in ways that are meaningful.

I have a responsive and personalized approach that puts you and what you want in the driver’s seat. This gets you off the hamster wheel that can keep you stuck looking for answers outside yourself. I support you as you uncover new depths of understanding yourself and encourage you to make inspired and aligned choices as you grow, learn and face new challenges.  

After working together, you trust yourself and have the courage to do life your way. You navigate difficulties with grace and self-compassion, and know that your aim is to be bold, brave, and belong to yourself. 

I am a boundary-pusher, a vision-holder and love to deeply explore ideas. I bring lots of perspectives and innovative questions. I’m strategic and thoughtful, focused and flexible. An eternal optimist; my rose colored glasses are a permanent fixture.

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  • What Others Are Saying...

    “You helped me explore my underlying negative beliefs and enabled me to challenge my assumptions. I’m trusting my intuition more. Your great questions open me up to possibilities. After each session I feel saturated with inspiration and ideas.”

    What Others Are Saying...