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Free Niching Kit Clear. Congruent. Courageous.

You know niching is important….

But how to niche still feels fuzzy and foggy despite advice (which has been unhelpful at best and downright frustrating and misaligned at worst). 

The free Niche Kit is a practical foundation to help you understand what niching really is, why you might feel stuck and ways to take initial steps forward.


The Niching Kit Includes:

niche kit workshop

One Hour Workshop and Workbook

The role of niching in business
Two difference kinds of niching and where to start
Criteria for a congruent niche
What most niching advice gets wrong
The primary mistakes people make when
describing their niche

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Ultimately, you’ll probably benefit from receiving feedback or coaching on your niche because we are all just too close to our own work to see our blind spots. And it doesn’t have to be me. The work you produce will be useful for whomever you take the next step with.   

Essential Buildling Blocks

Learn the fundamentals of niching and start to use them effectively in your marketing.

Develop the Raw Material

Time, energy and effort applying the concepts will help you gain a new level of clarity.

Save You Hours and Dollars

Reduce the amount of support you need to hone your niche and start attracting clients. 

My Story

Let me tell you – Niching DID NOT come easily for me when I got started as a coach over four years ago. I made all the mistakes and was immensely frustrated by the lack of simple and clear information and the disappointingly empty niching advice. 

Since then I’ve provided more than a hundred niche reviews and identified the core principles to help entrepreneurs start building a congruent online business. 

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One Last Note

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